The Founts


uman founts  13 manege a

The satisfaction of feeling comfortable in a context traditionally dedicated to the discipline and love for horses is even greater if one wears a jacket that does not reproduce the red fox-hunt uniforms or dressage armours, but rather expresses the mastery of traditions with subtle style notes. The slits in the jacket opening on the saddle, doubled with leather, the velvet collar, the silver buttons. Thus even the horse is happy to bow.

uman founts  13 manege b

Jacket: narrow line, slightly flared at the bottom, side and central vents.
Lenght 77 cms. Bemberg and cotton lined, with leather plongé in the lower back. Pockets on the bias with elastic side panels. Velvet collar. Silver metal buttons with floral motifs, different in decoration - two buttons sleeves. Martingale with buttons.

Fabric: 56% cotton - 34% wool - 9% pa - 1% elastan plain cloth 300 grs.